X F Promo Trailers

Welcome to X F Promo Trailers 

All our trailers are made to make our customer

brands pop out to new Clients .

                              Medium Trailer 

                               Set up cost 

Set Up cost $75

Printing Cost $300 to $840 3 Sides

Depending if on Cornflue or Aluminium board

                              Trailer Cost 

                      Per Week  Cost $125

                      Per Month Cost $500

                      2 Months  Cost  $900

For Clients that want to save money do your printing on the Cornflue or Aluminium board we will remove after your Hire term and store away for the client at no extra cost then all you need to do is ring book a trailer we will instill your Advertisement in  place for free .

Saving the client reprint cost and $75 set up cost .

        Small 3 Side advertisement trailer 

                           Set up Cost 

Set up Cost $55

Printing Cost $200 to $600 3 sides

Depending if on cornflue or Aluminium board

                         Trailer Hire 

                    Per Week Hire $100

                    1 Month Hire $350

                    2 Month Hire $600